Hypnotherapist… Life Skills Coach… Executive Coach… Authentic Trainer… Motivational and Inspirational Speaker… Broadcaster… Writer…

Originally from Massachusetts, Cindy Hurn has now been based in the UK for over 20 years.

Having worked with coaching for individuals and businesses for many years, she turned her focus to Hypnotherapy in 1999.

In 2009, alongside her thriving hypnotherapy practice she is returning her focus to coaching, training and motivational speaking.

Cindy draws on many inspirations in her work – but primarily from her own strong intuition. Her positive perspective and strong faith in life and people, help her to empower and equip her clients with the tools to change their lives.

“When we feel better about ourselves, we naturally feel better about what is around – this allows us to make the right choices, supporting a positive, and fulfilling life-style.”

Cindy’s primary tool is her voice. This has led her towards Radio, as the perfect medium for her to reach a larger audience.

“Although life can be difficult at times, hypnotherapy shows us we are not without the inner resources to create positive change in our lives. Accessing our will and imagination, reassessing what we thought we knew and being open to learning is the key to motivation and positive change.”




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