Where Treasure Lay

The other night I dreamt I went into a shop to buy some stamps. I delved deep into my hand-bag, resorting to emptying all the change found at the bottom on to a tablecloth. Finding what I needed, I noticed a tiny disk no bigger than a pin head mixed in with the coins. I asked the woman serving did she know what it was. She told me it was a very rare and valuable coin of which there are only 9 left in the world. I wondered how it had found it’s way into the bottom of my bag.

The dream then changed. I was now across the room with the table-cloth all askew. Confused by the skipping of time I suddenly realized the coin was missing. With no luck I carefully searched the cloth, hoping somehow it was still in it’s folds. Looking around I noticed the shop was dark, crammed full and there were large cracks between the floorboards. The coin was so minuscule I wondered if it were possible to find or indeed it was lost. What was the best thing to do?

Within a second of that question, the answer came.  Going over to the woman I told her what happened, suggesting she keep an eye out as perhaps her luck would be better than mine.

It was in that decision the teaching of this dream wrapped itself around me. I had a choice. I could have turned everything upside down. Searched frantically even though somehow I knew the coin was not mine to find. It would have caused all kinds of upset of what could have been, what I could have had, could have done. Bemoaning the lost of a treasure which I never even knew I had would have left me upset, bereft.

But, then maybe it wasn’t lost. As it was the woman who told me about the coin and its’ value, perhaps, it was for her and I simply carried it this far for her to find.

It was her treasure not mine.

Awakening, I knew in my awareness the real treasure lay. I hadn’t lost it nor could I ever. True wealth lies within. Found in the richness and generosity of Spirit, we it’s carriers. It can spill forth suddenly when you are looking for something else or when we  make the choice to give. Either way, all of us are richer because of it’s sharing.

The Dream-World hosts vast knowledge. As a Lucid Dreamer and Spiritual Mentor I draw inspiration, intuitive insights and Spiritual teachings from this inner landscape. In fact, many of my courses and workshops come directly from ‘teaching’ dreams. Although Dream-Wealth is available to us all, to access and retain this wisdom, one-first needs to know how to knock upon it’s door.

Dream-Work plays a large part in all my Personal/Spiritual Transformational Development courses and workshops, known as the ‘Awakening Process’.  Also offered is a 7 month Spiritual Mentoring Program the ‘Awaken Path” for those of you drawn to the Mystery Schools. For further information about my upcoming program as well as personal Spiritual Mentoring Packages e-mail cindy@cindyhurn.com (My new website http://www.cindyhurn is in process, look for it in July.. somethings just take time.)


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